Top reasons why you need workplace safety training in your business

need for workplace safety training

Workplace safety training is a cost-effective way to protect the wellbeing of your employees. Regardless of size, it is the responsibility of all employers to incorporate health and safety into their workplaces. Safety measures that have been properly executed, not only keep employees safe but also protect the business, industry equipment, and customers.

What is the need for safety in the workplace?

It is not possible to measure the effects of human loss. Loss or casualties can have major consequences for employees and their families. Workplace safety and health procedures are essential for the wellbeing of employers and employees alike. There are occupational health and safety risks in every company including workplace violence, man-made disasters, organisational misdeeds, cyber-attack, or a global pandemic like COVID-19. To fight these risks, employers must create strategies that ensure and promote safety in their workplaces. If you are looking to ensure that employees are well informed of the steps they can take in the workplace to prevent contracting COVID-19, our online COVID-19 employee health and safety awareness training courses are well worth considering.

A well-planned workplace safety training program can result in:

  1. Higher productivity – The safer the work environment, the more productive it is. Productive employees are an advantage to all companies.
  2. Higher employee satisfaction – Satisfied employees are more likely to stay with your company, thus reducing your turnover rate and costs.
  3. Lower insurance premiums and reduced worker compensation for medical leave due to work-related injuries and illnesses.
  4. Protection from liability lawsuits and future incidents.

You can create a safe working environment by:

  1. Identifying workplace hazards – Employers need to identify workplace hazards e.g. mechanical issues, dangerous chemicals, hazardous electrical equipment etc.. They must carry out a workplace risk assessment to address this.
  2. Implementing workplace safety training programs Staff awareness training is an essential part of every company’s safety program. Providing proper knowledge of workplace hazards and work techniques reduce these risks. In the context of COVID-19, you should provide employees with resources on relevant information about COVID-19, isolation guidelines, the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, and any links to the WHO COVID-19 guidelines.
  3. Using the right safety equipment – Ensure that employees wear the correct protection whilst working e.g. earplugs, eyewear, hard hats, gloves, full face masks, etc..

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