COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Workplace COVID-19 Risk Assessment

CoSafe & Safety Via Technology are offering a REMOTE detailed workplace / office COVID-19 Risk Assessment and advice service to ensure your office is compliant before staff return to work in the office.

Below is more information about the risk assessment:

Covid-19 Secure.  Returning to business after lockdown relaxes – managing risk and meeting legal obligations
The UK government has issued new guidance launched to help get Brits safely back to work and has called these Covid-19 Secure guidelines.  Number 2 of the 5 key points of these is “Carry out a Covid-19 risk assessment, in consultation with workers or trade unions”. This is a requirement of existing regulations.

How can we help?
We offer specific risk assessments for your workplace and work activities, whatever your industry.  These include recommendations of control measures for managing the identified risks, which are based on the government’s Covid-19 Secure guidelines, to ensure the health and safety of your employees and anyone affected by your work activities.  The assessments will ensure compliance with legislation as well as help to lessen your employees’ concerns with returning to their workplace. 

What services are included

The assessment, which will be specific to the risks from Covid19, will start with a short fact finding meeting with you, which can be held remotely to reduce the risks to you and your colleagues. We will collect information on your company, such as, your premises/offices, your work activities, number of employees and plans for returning for work.

The assessment will follow the Government's 5 key step guidelines and also the existing regulations, and will assess all of the necessary aspects, including:

    • The Company and its business activities
    • Description of the building and facility, and if in a multi-occupant building, ownership and responsibility
    • Normal usage profile of the assessed area
    • Employees who normally occupy the Company’s offices – numbers, health, ability
    • Date the premises closed for the ‘lockdown’ and the planned return to work date
    • Involvement with employees, dealing with concerns and contribution to the control measures
    • Employee training and safety procedures.
    • Who should work in the office, and protecting the vulnerable
    • Working at home, postural safety, communication
    • Emergency first aid and fire arrangements and changes needed
    • Travel and commuting
    • Social distancing at work
    • Hygiene and preventing infection – office layout, mealtimes, washing and toilet facilities
    • Visitors and meeting safety
    • Cleaners, contractors and couriers – sending and receiving items
    • Safe handling of received goods
    • Cleaning the workplace
    • Returning to closed premises (water systems, air-handling units, etc)

How long would it take?
Depending on the size of the organisation and premises, and locations.
Follow up report
Full report, with background (company and employee info), findings, and recommended actions to take..


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